Reviews on the Must-have Libraries & Demo App – OpenGL ES 3.0 benchmark

OpenGL ES 3.0 benchmark is a Libraries & Demo app for Android. It is developed by Maniac Software and has been downloaded and installed over 10,000 times at Google Play Store. The newest version(1.1.1 ) has been updated in October 30, 2013. Here are some screenshots of this app and user opinions & ratings on this best Libraries & Demo app.

App Description:


User Opinions:

Good app. Awesome graphics ran quite nicely on my Xperia z1. Only thing i saw dat benchmark is not dat accurate…showed 20.2fps on 1080 pixel and 18.57 on 720p…isnt this wierd? But good to knw my phn cn support future-gen games:-) saurabh patil – ★★★★☆

Shield tablet 26fps 1080p.. Tegra K1. For whiners, this is a desktop PC graphics demo.. Its not optimized for mobile devices. It’s purpose is to basically bring your device to it’s knees… Use other benchmarks if you want to feel your big epenis. Phil Winkel – ★★★☆☆

As many have said I’m not so sure about the bench scores, but killer graphics. I got a 12.98 on my LG G2 LS980 with CM 11.0 ROM with yesterday’s nightly build. Then i just checked with another and had 62 fps. I can’t wait to check it when my build finishes. With my personal kernel and all my optimizations, this build should out bench everything on every test. I can’t wait, it’ll be done in just about 10 minutes. Christopher Latham – ★★★★☆

Gets absolutely horrible fps for a benchmark that has no live shadows and no noticeable post processing. Got 14.44 fps average at 1080p. Epic Citadel runs 21.7 average on my device at ultra high at 2560×1440. WizardBaby Jones – ★☆☆☆☆

The Nexus 4 is the first Android phone to be able to display OpenGL 3.0 but that doesn’t mean it’ll play graphics like those in the benchmark flawlessly. Although I love Kaloyan Popov – ★★★★★

This little app brought the att galaxy note 3 to a stuttering 14 fps. Theres some crazy crysis like deficiency in this app. Be sides this one benchmark, the gsn3 runs everything else flawlessly will try to run some gl3.0 games…? Deleting until software is revised CJ Cevallos – ★☆☆☆☆

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