Reviews on New Libraries & Demo App – Cardboard Design Lab

Cardboard Design Lab is a Libraries & Demo app for Android. It is developed by Google Inc. and has been downloaded and installed over 500,000 times at Google Play Store. The newest version(1.0 ) has been updated in May 29, 2015. Here are some screenshots of this app and user opinions & ratings on this best Libraries & Demo app.

App Description:
Enjoy an educational and immersive journey through principles for developing virtual reality experiences. Designing great user experiences in virtual reality is considerably different than designing for traditional 2D form factors. Virtual reality introduces a new set of physiological and ergonomic considerations to inform your design work.


User Opinions:

It is a very vivid design guidelines with the best VR experience I had so far. Smooth, immersive and not dizzy at all. Although got two questions: 1 Why I feel that the text on different depth are of Tue same size? 2 I liked the very smooth experience, however, for some games like roller coasters, isn’t the ups and downs the point of the game? I guess for that kind of game, the discomfort is un avoidable? Weiwei Zhang – ★★★★★

Gives a nice overlook at the cool features and experiences that VR can give and also gives interactive tips for designers. It may be laggy on older phones (Galaxy S3), but that is not unexpected. The only issue I had apart from the lag was the black text on black background when choosing between foundation modes in the beginning. 5 stars if fixed. Keep making more, Google! Mark Davidoff – ★★★★☆

I love this app so much I’ve been trying to recreate some of the design elements like the beautifully animated crosshair. I’ve tried to recreate it for the past couple days with no success, so I hope they open source this app one day. They also implement a brilliant way to move around the world while minimizing/eliminating motion sickness. Thank you Google! I still love staring down at that beach. Ki Song – ★★★★★

Its kinda laggy when i try to look up and down . :/ does it meant to do that? If not what can i do to reduce the laggy-ness of the app? Please leave a reply 🙂 . its a cool app though everyone with a cardboard vr should use this app ! Its cool 🙂 Im iPinoys – ★★★★☆

Need delayed gaze based confirmation in menus for old cardboard. As registered touch in menu is otherwise difficult for those with old CB where magnets performance was lot of uneven. Darshan Gayake – ★★★★☆

It was promising but I think it was a little late. If it came out in the 80s it might have caught some interest but today we aren’t too impressed with it and want real holograms. Also Google really should have implemented controller use for this, not clicking. Anonymous Anonymous – ★★★☆☆

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